Sunday, 30 March 2014

OPI 'Its All Greek To Me' Nail Lacquer!

I always forget to take pictures of my nails when I paint them so I find myself with a lack of nail posts on my blog - my apologies - but this is something I'm working on fixing! So today you have the pleasure of seeing my dodgy nails! Woohoo!

This is my first ever OPI nail polish which is super exciting! I managed to grab a bargain at Salon Services and I found this in the clearance section for £3.25! I obviously grabbed it right away and I've been loving it. First of all I love the formula, when I applied it, it was thick and pretty opaque from the first coat. The consistency was good - not too runny or too thick so I was able to control the brush really well. The colour is absolutely stunning as well, its a bright pink with a golden sheen running through it. The name gets a big thumbs up too, I think 'Its All Greek To Me' is an adorable name! I've had this on my nails for around four or five days now and I can honestly say it hasn't chipped or anything yet, whats even better is that I didn't use a base coat or a top coat! I'm super impressed with this and I can definitely see why OPI nail polishes get so much hype. I'm going to be buying plenty more of them in the near future! 

Whats your favourite OPI shade?

OPI Nail Lacquer - Available at John Lewis.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Soap & Glory 'Raplumzel' Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick!

So I'm back in my blogging routine, college has been manic with my nearing the end of my course! How scary.. Haha! Today I'm blogging about my favourite thing which is lipstick of course! This recent purchase from Soap & Glory really impressed me and I couldn't not feature it on here!

These Gloss Sticks come in the form of a chunky pencil, similar to that of the Clinique Chubby Sticks but theres something about these that really blew me away. They have a slightly tacky feeling to them when you first apply which kind of worried me when I first used it but once on the lips it gives a really nice glossy finish thats also super moisturising. The colour 'Raplumzel' is gorgeous! Its a lovely  plum/berry kind of colour. It adds a nice bright pop to the face which I think will look good all year round. I don't find that this dries out my lips at all which is really great as my lips are really sensitive and dry out really easily. I find the slightly sticky texture really nice as it makes the product last longer on the lips, yet I can't feel it when its on! I love this so much and I think I'll be buying more shades in the near future! I know people have raved about these in the past but somehow I never got around to purchasing any, now I'm wishing I'd checked them out a long time ago!

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - Available at Boots.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How To Depot A MAC Eyeshadow! | YouTube

I know my posts have been a little sparse lately but I've been so busy with my graded unit at college that I just havent found the time! Not to worry though, I'm getting my writing shoes on as we speak! Todays post is another video for you all and in this one I show you how I depot a MAC eyeshadow! I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!



Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation!

Yes, I caved into the hype. I'm sorry! From all the raving I've heard around this foundation it sounded absolutely perfect for me. I gave in a splashed out and picked up what has turned out to be my new all time favourite foundation! For me, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk has no contenders!

When something gets so much praise I always wonder if everyones being entirely honest and for a little while I like to hold off on purchasing so I can read a wide variety of reviews. This little beauty has been popping up on my bloglovin' feed over and over again and with Anna (viviannadoesmakeup) continually saying its the best foundation ever, I had to pick it up! 

Armani have an impressive shade range in this foundation but for me, the palest shade (2) still isn;t quite pale enough for my ghostly white skin. However, in the summer I think this will be absolutely perfect. For now though, its just a little off - nothing I cant work with. I want to give a big shout-out to the fabulous packaging, luxurious frosted glass and the Armani logo embossed into the shiny black cap. Gorgeous. 

The foundation itself is a medium coverage which is definitely build-able to a full coverage, yet it doesn't look heavy or cakey on the skin at all. I would say it has a satin like finish on the skin which means its not super 'dewy' nor is it super matte, its the perfect in between which is what I think makes it look like skin so well. Despite its 'luminous' title it lasts so well on my combination skin, it doesn't cling to any of my dry patches and it doesn't break down on separate on my t-zone. When a little oil starts coming through I end up looking like I have a nice natural glow, nothing greasy or slippery at all. I wore this foundation to work one day on a 9 hour shift and when I got home it looked the same as when I first applied it which is absolutely amazing on my skin! This is definitely my new favourite, it does everything I want in a foundation. It evens my skin perfectly and doesn't leave me looking or feeling like I'm wearing a mask. I definitely recommend giving it a go or most definitely checking it out!

Also I'm selling a few Clinique bits on eBay right now, so if you want to check that out then click here!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Available here.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clare's Going to Exercise?!
Todays post isn't a beauty review, its more of an insight into my mind right now. As I'm sure most us decided, one of my new years resolutions was to eat better and to try get a little fitter. However, I'm finding myself in this slump where motivation is practically non existent. I look at myself in the mirror and I'm not happy with the reflection. Don't get me wrong, I'm not super fat or anything but I just don't like what I see. Loads of posts are floating around these-days about loving your body and being comfortable in the skin your in. This is all fine and well but how can you do that when you can't seem to like your own body? I know I need to get fit, I mean, I walk up a flight of stairs and contemplate whether I'm having an asthma attack.. I'm lazy and I know it. 

Exercise hasn't really ever been a part of my life and I envy those that I see out for a run in the morning or in their sports gear heading to the gym. I used to hate P.E at school, simply because I'm not a particularly athletic person. I'm not a fast runner, I can't jump high, I can't swim very well, I'm useless with anything that involves a ball and even when I did try I'd always be the worst in the class or I'd come last. I guess this is probably a big contributor to my anxiety around exercise now but I know I need to do it or things will only get worse. 

So when I look in the mirror now, all I see is my chubby legs, my slightly podgy tummy and the stretch marks that taint these areas. I feel my clothes hugging a little tighter than I'd like and it kind of gets me down. I want to love my body, I really do but right now I just don't feel like I can. I don't want to lose heaps of weight and I don't want to look like the stick like models we all see in the magazines. I just want to even things out a little and become an overall healthier, fitter person. I want to be able to go for a jog and not feel embarrassed about it and I want to want to go out for a jog! I just feel like I sit around and it doesn't do anything for me, I want to get my motivation back and I want to introduce fitness into my life. 

So heres the plan. To begin with I will do one hour of something three days of the week. I think I'll wap out the old Wii Fit and do some yoga to get my muscles back into shape. As well as this I want to exercises that don't involve me going outside, or being seen by anyone! Things like sit-ups and squats, again just to get my body into the swing of things. I want to do a lot of stretching and really work on getting my body used to not sitting around. After a couple of weeks of this, I think I'll try going for a jog, maybe more of a brisk walk to begin with but I'm going to do it once I feel more comfortable with the inside activities. I know a lot of people say that exercise makes them feel better so I want to make an effort to get started, to get into the habit of a healthier more active lifestyle. The gym kind of scares me right now but hopefully in the future getting a gym membership will be something on my agenda.

I've been reluctant to write this post for quite some time now but I feel that if I tell you guys and promise to update you on things every once in a while then it'll make me more inclined to just do it. I'm hoping that from forcing myself to give it a try once or twice it'll make me want to do it more which in turn, will hopefully make me start to feel better and more positive towards my body. If anyone has any suggestions or anything then please leave a comment below!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Guerlain Meteorites Pearls!

If you watched my recent YouTube video you'll know I picked these up on a little beauty splurge. I'm all for adding glow to my dull, pale skin and these seem to be exactly what I need in my life! I'm so glad I picked them up and honest haven't stopped using them!

The cute little tin with the pastel design on the top is what immediately drew me into looking more into this product. I've seen pictures of these tins popping up here and there among the blogs I follow and I was instantly drew to them. The adorable little tin - that might I say looks fabulous on my dressing table - incases the most gorgeous face pearls. Just looking at them is so dreamy as they look so perfect and pastel. Besides the way they look, these pearls give me everything I want in a face powder, the perfect amount of radiance without being glittery or massively shimmery. They just add the most amazing glow to the skin that catches the light so beautifully it honestly makes you look like your made out of a precious stone! You may have noticed that there are a few different colours of pearls in there too, and no they're not just to make the product look more pretty, they do actually have a purpose. The purple pearls are there to catch the light, pink to refresh the skin and yellow to neutralise redness in the complexion. The shade Clair which I have also has the addition of the green pearl which enhances the skin along side the champagne pearls. Personally I'm not sure how much the difference the different colours make, but what I do know is that when I apply them my skin looks so flawless and glowy which I absolutely love. Last but not least I have to mention the amazing scent, you open the tub and a gorgeous waft of parma violets spreads out which smells not only sweet and fun but rather luxurious too.

Guerlain Meterorites Pearls - Available here.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion!

I love trying new skincare so when I find something that I love, its always a great feeling. This little gem I purchased on a recommendation and I've fallen head over heels for it. I use it almost as soon as I wake up in the morning and it makes me feel so good!

I want to point out that this is not a makeup remover, it won't take of that heavy duty mascara or wipe away any eyeshadow but it will freshen the eye area brilliantly. At night I of course remove all my makeup so in the morning I don't generally need to do much around the eye area. Now and again theres a little trace of mascara still lingering around and thats What I love this product for. It removes any of those last traces and its so soothing and gentle. Waking up early is one of my least favourite things to, as I'm sure it is for many, but dosing a couple of cotton pads in this and then holding them over my eyes for a few seconds is enough to wake me up a little and remove any sleepy residue from my eyes. It has really nice ingredients which you can definitely feel working wonders on the skin. It has a very unique scent, which is subtle but probably won't be to everyones taste, it smells kind of oatmeal-ish and organic which I personally really like. Its not over powering or offensive at all so if you're considering buying the product then don't let the scent put you off. For me this is a new staple in my skincare routine that I can't be without, and sadly I don't hear enough about this product. I highly recommend you to check it out if you're known for not being able to get your eyes open on those early mornings!

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion - Available here.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Beauty Favourites!

I feel like I haven't done a favourites post in absolutely ages! But this month I've definitely been using some stand out products so I couldn't not share them with you. I don't think I've reviewed any of these fully on my blog yet so I guess it gives you a little sneaky preview of whats to come! I know this picture isn't great either but I made the most of what I had at the time! The lighting at this time of year is so unpredictable and when I tried to photograph the items on my table like usual there was a horrible grey cast and shadows all over the place! Anyways..

This month has definitely been one of new discoveries. I decided to purchase a few of the highly recommended products among the blogosphere and I've been loving them! The first thing that wowed  me is the Seventeen Skin Wow Primer which is absolutely genius! You can apply this before foundation, after, or you can mix it in. Personally I've been loving wearing it under my foundation as it just gives the skin the most gorgeous glow without being glittery or weird. For even more glow I've been reaching for the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder which for the price is totally on point. With a light hand it applies the most beautiful pink toned highlighter that catches the light so beautifully. Can you tell that I'm really going all out on the glow now the lighter months are rolling in?! 

Talking of glow, I've been really enjoying a new foundation. An expensive foundation but a damn good one none the less! The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is a cult product loved by many. People rave and rave about it and I'm yet to read a bad review so of course I caved a purchased it! Its so beautiful though, it has a semi-matte finish but seems to still leave a really nice radiant look to the skin and this stuff seriously lasts all day! Even on my oily skin! 

Soap and Glory skincare has slowly been creeping further and further into my routine and my latest purchase was the No Clogs Allowed Face Mask. Oh my goodness, if you have congested pores of blackheads then you need this mask. It literally gets rid of the whole lot and it only takes 5 minutes! Even better, it doesn't come with a steep price tag and its readily available in most Boots stores!

Lastly I've been giving a lot of love to the Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Whip which unfortunately I don't think is available anymore. I found it in the reduced section of the Body Shop and it smells divine! I also like the texture of the body whips as their nice and light but still moisturising. Theres a few in different scents available here.

So these are my recent favourites! Let me know what yours are in the comments below and I hope you all have a fabulous March! Oh my, is it March already? Where has this year gone haha!

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