Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tarte 'Tipsy' Amazonion 12-Hour Blush!

If you haven't heard about Tarte blushes you've seriously been living in the dark. Every time I'm on YouTube or reading another blog theres always a mention of these highly loved blushes. Last time my Gran made a trip over to the US I asked her to pick up theres infamous shade 'Tipsy' for me as from looking at swatches and such online, I knew the coraly shade was for me.

When I got this baby home I swatted it immediately and I was so impressed with it! The formula is pigmented and creamy but not overly soft or chalky at all. You need to watch when applying it, because its so pigmented its easy to over do it a little! I've been using this non-stop since I got it back in november last year and I'm yet to see a dent made in the pretty pattern on the pan. The colour is absolutely stunning too, I think its a good all year round shade. Its a pretty coral colour with subtle shimmer running through it which really brightens up the face. This has fast become one of my favourite blushes and next time a friend or family member is off to the US I'll be handing over the cash with a list of other shades! I have heard rumours that Tarte is coming to the UK through QVC, I'm not sure what products they are bringing over or if we'll see any of it at all but I certainly recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the QVC website!

Tarte Amazonion Clay Blush - Available here at Sephora.



  1. It looks stunning! I really want to try it out, beautiful colour :)

  2. I would love to try the tarte blushes, the colour is absolutely gorgeous!!
    Serena xo

    1. im so excited to see of they come to QVC in the UK!

  3. I really want to try these blushes! Pitty you can't get them in the uk :(

  4. Hey hun, Congratulations!
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award! The purpose of this award is to nominate emerging bloggers. Please click the link to my blog to answer the questions I have asked you! I look forward to reading your responses xxx

  5. Would love to try these blushes!


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