Friday, 28 February 2014

Luxury Beauty Haul | YouTube!

So I finally got around to uploading another video and surprise, surprise I've been buying a few beauty bits! I actually had a little splurge on my recent trip away so I decided to share it all with you! The lighting isn't the best in this video but I hope you still enjoy it!


Let me know if you've bought anything good lately in the comments below and please leave me some feedback on this video! I'll be back tomorrow with my February favourites so I'll see you all soon!


Thursday, 27 February 2014

#NuxePamperHamper Blogger Competition!

I was contacted by Nuxe a couple of week ago about their first ever blogger competition! The lovely Charlotte from PR let me know about how to enter and the rules. Its pretty simple, all you have to do is make a collage of your favourite picks from the Nuxe UK website and then write why you think they would be great products for the spring! I'm so excited about this competition as Nuxe is a brand I absolutely love! Once you've created your blog post about the products you need to send tweet it to Nuxe on twitter @NuxeUK with the hash tag  #NuxePamperHamper how exciting!

This spring competition could mean you win the prize of a £250 Nuxe hamper! and there will be many runner up prizes too! So this is my entry post and I hope that some of you guys will be entering too!

The first product that instantly sprung to mind is the Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream, this is a product I've wanted to try for such a long time! The cold months do absolutely nothing for our hands so when spring comes around we want them to be looking as noirished and as fabulous as possible, especially when the bright colours of nail polish come along!

Secondly I picked the Huile Prodigueuse OR as I love the original oil. I think adding a bit of glow into the skin as it starts to get warmer is the perfect thing to make you look fresh and healthy. This oil is super nourishing on the skin too so it would feel great as well as looking good.

Next I chose the Créme Fraîche de Beauté Light as with having oily skin I dont like anything to heavy. When the warmer weather starts to roll in the my skin can get a little oiler than usual so I like to use all the products that can help! This has been on my wish list for quite some time now too!

I decided to pick a makeup product for my next one. The skincare from Nuxe is spot on so I'm hopeful that their makeup will deliver on quality too. The Baume Prodigieux is a lip gloss with nourishing properties, which to me sounds absolutely perfect! Apparently it has a mango taste too!

Last but not least I picked the Nuxe 24hr Moisturising Body lotion as keeping the skin on the body moisturised is really important and I think this would great for loading on in the evening, and hopefully in the morning the skin would be left nice and soft!

If you'd like a chance to win some Nuxe products then you can check out the competition details here. This post is not sponsored by Nuxe nor am I being payed to write this post. This is my entry to their blogger competition. I hope you guys are able to enter as I think this is a fantastic competition!


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser!

Maybelline seem to be jumping on the 'baby' range of products, first their Baby Lips and now the most recent edition: Baby Skin. The Baby Skin is supposed to be a primer applied before your foundation to give you a poreless, smooth complexion. Here on the blogosphere I've seen it being dubbed as a 'dupe' for the oh-so-famous Benefit Porefessional. As lovely as Porefessional is, it comes with quite a price tag and for £7.99 I thought it was worth giving this primer a go.

Personally I don't think its that similar to Porefessoinal at all, I think its more like the Smashbox Photofinish primer - another cult favourite. I think the reason it reminds me of the Smashbox version is because its clear in colour. Something about the texture too seems more similar. I think that the Baby Skin is a nice primer, it fills in any large pores and smoothes out the texture of the skin before applying makeup. I do find that you only need a small amount though, if you apply too much the skin becomes slippy and it becomes hard for any makeup to adhere to it. I find that a little certainly goes a long way. Unlike the Smashbox or Benefit version I don't think that the Baby Skin makes a massive difference to how long my makeup lasts. I would say it definitely keeps it looking flawless though out the day instead of looking like an oily mess, but not as long as its high end competitors. However, I do think for its price tag it performs very well, it does what it says on the tin; it smooths out the skin and gives you a poreless complexion! If you've wanted to try a primer I'd definitely say to give this a go before you splash out on something more pricey.

Maybelline Baby Skin - Available here at Boots.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tarte 'Tipsy' Amazonion 12-Hour Blush!

If you haven't heard about Tarte blushes you've seriously been living in the dark. Every time I'm on YouTube or reading another blog theres always a mention of these highly loved blushes. Last time my Gran made a trip over to the US I asked her to pick up theres infamous shade 'Tipsy' for me as from looking at swatches and such online, I knew the coraly shade was for me.

When I got this baby home I swatted it immediately and I was so impressed with it! The formula is pigmented and creamy but not overly soft or chalky at all. You need to watch when applying it, because its so pigmented its easy to over do it a little! I've been using this non-stop since I got it back in november last year and I'm yet to see a dent made in the pretty pattern on the pan. The colour is absolutely stunning too, I think its a good all year round shade. Its a pretty coral colour with subtle shimmer running through it which really brightens up the face. This has fast become one of my favourite blushes and next time a friend or family member is off to the US I'll be handing over the cash with a list of other shades! I have heard rumours that Tarte is coming to the UK through QVC, I'm not sure what products they are bringing over or if we'll see any of it at all but I certainly recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the QVC website!

Tarte Amazonion Clay Blush - Available here at Sephora.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!

Despite getting this lovely palette when it first released, I decided to hold off on wiring about it. I knew everyones feed was going to be absolutely bombarded with everyone talking about it and I felt I should really give it a go and try it out for a while so I can give my full, honest review. Of course it amazing, and of course I totally don't need it.. But I'm sure you'll all understand when I say I do need it.. I don't have any palette like it and pinks aren't something I usually would go for.

Firstly I'll talk about the packaging. Its in a metal tin case, very similar to that of the Naked 2 palette, except this time its got a textured pattern on it and the Naked 3 text is in a beautiful gold colour which compliments the rosy tin quite nicely. I must say I do like this style of packaging more over the original Naked palette as I feel its a lot more sturdy and like its going to protect my shadows a lot better if I drop it.

There are some absolutely gorgeous shades packed in this palette so heres my rundown of them all:

Strange - An off white matte colour that makes a great brow highlight. The matte texture isn't chalky at all and its pigmented well. It feels buttery soft and blends wonderfully.
Dust - This is a super glittery light pink colour, it has a little fallout if you're not careful but its an amazingly pigmented colour.
Burnout - This is quite similar to Dust but its not nearly as glittery and its slightly darker. It blends great and its super soft, buttery eyeshadow.
Limit - The second matte eyeshadow in this palette, its a mauvey-pink colour which looks wonderful in the crease when used with other colours from the palette. Its not chalky and blends well.
Buzz - This is personally one of my favourite colours, its a shimmery lilac colour that packs a little bit of sparkle. Its so buttery and its a great colour for adding a little pop to your look.
Trick - Another star of the palette for me, its a beautiful rose gold colour thats quite shimmery too. It looks lovely washed all over the lid and I honest don't have anything bad to say about it!
Nooner - This is the third matte colour in the palette, slightly darker in tone that limit and it also is not chalky and blends well.

Liar - This lovely bronze colour is another great one for all over the lid, it has beautiful rosy undertone which gives it that extra bit of something on the eyes.
Factory - This is another bronzy-rose colour, just like all the other shadows its nice a buttery and blends really well.
Mugshot - A more cool toned brownish colour that looks really pretty as well as being a greatly pigmented shadow.
Darkside - This is a charcoal-grey colour which has a nice amount of shimmer in it, its a lovely colour for those darker, smokier looks.
Blackheart - The colour everyone got excited about! I can see why, its a super black eyeshadow with red-pink glitter running through it. It looks lovely packed on top of a regular black liner to make it a little different.

I can't say I think much of the brush that comes with the palette but I've never particularly been a fan of any of the Urban Decay brushes. It okay, but not something I would reach for over my other brushes. I really like this palette though, at first I was a little unsure as the rosy hues kind of scared me a little. Theres no need to worry though as the colours are a lot easier to work with than I thought they'd be! Its generally another stunning palette from one of my favourite brands and if you happen to see it store, you should definitely have a little swoon.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Available here at Debenhams.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Soap & Glory Brow Archery!

First of all, Happy Valentines everyone! I hope you have a great day whatever you may be doing! I was planning a Valentines themed post but it didn't work out so I thought I'd just let you know about my eyebrows instead! Lately, I've been getting a lot more into my brows. I've never looked back since the day I started filling them in and I can assure you I've gone through some bad choices when it comes to brow products! I picked up this little gem on a recent trip to Boots and its fast become my daily brow choice!

The Brow Archery has a taupey-browny-grey coloured pencil on one end and on the other it has what looks like a felt tip liner. The felt tip is in a nice cool-toned brownish colour which isn't too dark (a common mistake made amount first-time-brow-filler-inners). I should probably mention that I picked this up in the shade Love is Blonde even though I'm a natural brunette I don't like my brows to look too strong or dark as I reminds me of my younger days when I got my brows all wrong! This product makes filling in my brows an absolute ease, the pencil side is great as its retractable and you don't need to sharpen it. Its not too soft a pencil so it allows you to really take your time and fill in your brows gently. If the pencil is too soft it can let you be a little too heavy handed with the amount of product you apply, but something like this is just perfect. I'm a big fan on the felt tip side too. It allows youth create short little hair-like strokes, meaning you can really fake the hairs in those sparse areas without it looking unnatural. I really like this product and my brows stay on all day when I use it. I think its an all round great product and whether you're in the market for something new or a first timer, I think you should definitely check it out.

Soap & Glory Brow Archery - Available here at Boots.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Plus!

Everyone loves a good gift with purchase right? But some of the products always get left at the back of the drawer and forgotten about. This little moisturiser sample sadly got a little left out but after a little spring clean I popped this back at the front of the drawer so that I remembered to try it out. I remember trying out a yellow coloured moisturiser from Clinique when I was about 13, I don't know if it was this exact one but I had a horrible experience and it made my skin so oily and broke me out like no other. Thankfully this time around I had better luck.

What I love most about Clinique skincare is that all of their products are fragrance free, a nice bonus for us who's skin can be a little sensitive. From using this for a couple of weeks I can say that I really like it, it has a nice light, silky kind of texture and it absorbs into the skin really well. It feels very high quality which is what you should expect from a brand like Clinique. I find it really hydrating on the drier parts of my face but not overly so on the more combination areas. It doesn't make my skin oiler than usual and so far it hasn't broke me out, although I do have a couple of angry hormonal spots on my chin right now (sad face). I think that all skin types would find this a nice day time moisturiser to use but those with drier types might be looking for something slightly more intense. I would say its a really nice day-to-day product and this little trial size will be great if I go travelling or stay the night somewhere. I don't think its going to replace my favourite Origins Ginzing moisturiser but its certainly a great contender.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotion + Available here at Boots.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner!

I'm a Soap & Glory lover, all their products are amazing and continue to impress me with their beautiful scents and wonderful abilities! These cute little hair products popped up under my Christmas tree last year thanks to my mum and now that I've been using them for a while I thought I should report back to you guys to let you know how I got on with them!

Firstly I want to mention what my hair is like, I have a lot of hair... Its pretty long and its so thick! A lot of people say its a blessing and that they wish that had hair as thick as mine but personally I find it a bit of a chore! Its quite heavy and its a lot of work to brush and wash and style along with everything else. Its also quite tangly, probably from all the damage I've caused from continually dying my hair in my younger teenage years. Right not I have my natural colour on the top with a blonde ombre which I love! However, the bleaching process required to get blonde on dark hair probably wasn't the best thing for it. 

Anyways, I've been using this shampoo and conditioner duo for about 3 weeks now and I must say that I love the shampoo so much! It smells amazing like most Soap & Glory products but this is particularly fruity which I love. It has a thick, gel like consistency which lathers really well in the hair. I find it makes my hair feel really clean without making it feel dry or stripped of its natural goodness. Its light enough on my heavy hair and it doesn't weigh it down at all which is something I always look for in a good shampoo. After using it daily for about a week I noticed a nice healthy shine to my hair, even on my damaged ends - something I rarely see! I think my hair really likes this shampoo and once I run out I think I'll definitely be picking up another bottle.

The conditioner wasn't such a hit unfortunately. Again, it smells lovely and has a nice gel type consistency which is much runnier than the shampoo. My problem with this is that I seem to need absolutely heaps of it to feel it doing anything to my hair. By heaps I mean about almost a whole handful.. Which in my opinion isn't very cost effective. I condition my hair from root to tip as otherwise I won't get a brush through it and I honestly didn't feel like I'd conditioned my hair at all when I used this. I think I have to much and too thick hair for this conditioner and I think it would be great for someone with thinner, lighter hair. I don't want to say its a bad product, I just don't think its for me.

I really enjoyed trying out these hair products as its not often I switch up from my usual Tresemme favourites. I think I might try the Soap & Glory Thick Conditioner next to see if my hair gets on better with it! You can purchase the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day range here at Boots.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation!

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret: ASDA is the place to find your beauty bargains. Yup, I know its a supermarket and the beauty selection is pretty limited but I found this foundation for about £4 when it was on special offer. Crazy! I've also picked up a few other bargains from their beauty isle too, including Revlon eyelashes and an Eco Tools brush set.. But for today I'm going to let you know about this Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.

Personally I don't like a heavy base, I like a nice lightweight, light coverage foundation and then I like to go in with a concealer where I need it. I find this gives a much more natural finish than caking on a heavy foundation as it just doesn't sit well on my skin at all. I know this foundation is a pretty popular choice, especially amount YouTubers and fellow bloggers but when shopping around in the likes of Boots it never really took my fancy and even though its pretty inexpensive I always told myself I didn't need it. However, being the beauty hoarder that I am, when I saw it on offer for such a steal I threw it in the trolley and didn't look back! I'm so glad I did pick it up though as its quickly become one of my go to foundations. 

The first thing that makes it particularly appealing to me is the shade, I picked up 010 Light Porcelain which is the perfect match for my snow white skin tone. Usually when it comes to drugstore foundations the colours are a little off and its rare I come across something pale enough to suit, especially at this time of year where my skin is even paler that usual. I kid you not though, this is the perfect match! They have an impressive amount of shades too, around 10 or 12 I think. I'm not sure about darker shades but for us pale girls its definitely a bonus. It has a light scent but its nothing offensive or too strong.

This foundation gives a lovely light coverage but it can definitely be built up to more medium coverage if you like. I like it because its build able but not at all cakey which is lovely. It has a semi-matte finish but it doesn't leave your skin looking dry or chalky, it has a luminosity to it which basically makes it look like a much better version of your own skin. Due to it not being overly wet or 'dewy' looking I find it sits really well with my combination skin type. It glides on beautifully over my drier areas and it copes well throughout the day on my oilier T-Zone. It makes your skin look pretty flawless and I find it keeps me looking radiant and fresh all day. I would say I can go about 5 hours + when wearing this before I have to powder which is really good for me! I think pretty much all skin types would be able to wear this!

Overall I love this and I find myself reaching for it on an almost daily basis! If you're in the market to try something new then you should definitely give this a whirl, especially if you're a fellow pale girl! 

You can find it here at Boots or you might bag a bargain at your local ASDA like I did!


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips!

When these bad boys hit the UK the hype was insane, everyone was raving about them and it actually became a little hard to get a hold of them at one point! I decided to pick up two, one in the shade Pink Punch and Cherry Me.

Pink Punch is a pretty pink colour and smells sweet like bubblegum or something! Cherry Me is a red colour and smells like cherry sweets which is lovely. The Baby Lips don't have huge amounts of pigmentation but the add a nice sheer wash of colour over the lips.

I like using the Baby Lips on the days where I want a little something on my lips but I don't want to wear a full on lipstick. The keep the lips from drying out but I wouldn't say they're anything special when it actually comes to hydrating and moisturising the lips. They're nice to keep in your handbag and they're super easy to apply on the go without a mirror. I think I'll definitely pick up a few more colours when I get the chance!

Maybelline Baby Lips - Available here.

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