Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Favourites 2013!

I honestly don't know where time goes these days! How did it end up being April already?! In fact it's almost May for that matter.. Scary! Anyways it's time for a favourites post, initially I wasn't going to do a favourites this month because I didn't think there was that many things I've been using religiously.. but as usual when I started to pick out what I've been liking this month, there was more than expected! Still not loads but enough for a post none the less!

Firstly I don't  know what I would've done this month without my tangle teaser! It's that funky, sparkly purple thing hanging out at that back there! It's a hairbrush for those of you who aren't familiar and it's the best thing thats happened to my long, thick, damaged hair. I'm desperately needing a haircut.. I'll find the time eventually! Read my full review on it here.

Secondly is the Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in the colour Ample Amber, I love this because its so easy to apply, the colour is amazing and it just looks so good when its on! Good for those lazy days where you don't feel like going to town with blending out a million different shadows! Full review here.

Thirdly is the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Milk (what a mouthful!) mainly because it smells like a dream! It reminds me of biscuits but in a sweeter, more wearable way. It also leaves my skin feeling really soft and its generally a great moisturiser!

Next up is MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle. It's so pretty.. well.. pretty isn't even a good enough word but this looks so amazing as a highlight on the skin and I've genuinely used it every day since I got it! Full review here.

Nivea's lip butter is Vanila & Macadamia has been a great saviour this month also, for some reason my lips have been more dry than usual and this has really helped me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of this soon! Full review here.

Last but not least is the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. Everyone seems to be all over this foundation and I can definitely see why! SPF, nice light natural finish - what more could a girl want? Full review here.

Let me know what your favourites this month are in the comments below! I hope you liked this post and I shall speak to you all soon!


Thursday, 25 April 2013

MAC Vanilla Pigment

I picked this little beauty up a while ago but never really used it all that much for some reason. More recently I've been loving this and can't get enough of it!

MAC Vanilla Pigment is such a beautiful colour, like a frosted white-cream with a subtle gold shimmer. It's so gorgeous and makes the most amazing inner corner highlight on the eyes! I think the reason I didn't reach for this so much  is because I always fear that I'll knock over the little tub and spill it! It can also be a bit more fiddley to use compared to a regular eyeshadow. 

This being said it actually has quite a few uses! Mostly I use it on my eyes but sometimes I like to use a little bit of this to highlight my face such as my cheekbones and on my cupids bow! Its extremely pretty and I love its versatile use! I find myself reaching for this more often than not. I was almost about to say that this product is 'extremely pigmented' but of course it is... it's a pigment haha!


Monday, 22 April 2013

Avène Eau Thermale - Thermal Spring Water

I've considered buying MAC Fix+ for quite some time now, but in all honestly I was never really that sure. I picked this up recently and it's become a staple in both my makeup routine and my night time skin care routine.

The Avène Thermal Spring Water comes in a can similar to that of a deodorant one. It has a spray top which evenly distributes a fine mist of the water over the face. I never really thought I would be into something like this, as generally I didn't think it was something I needed or would use. I use this in the morning on my face before foundation and then again after I've powdered my face - it does a really nice job of taking away the powdery look that can sometimes occur, as well as setting my makeup and making it last a little longer on my oily skin. I find my self using it throughout the day when I re-powder my face as it somehow manages to get rid of any kind of cakey look. It's also super refreshing and I think I'll probably carry it around in my bag with me in the summer when it gets a little warmer. At night time I like to spray this after I've cleansed my skin as it refreshes it and makes it feel nice and smooth. I also think since using this my skin has become a little softer in texture and I find when I used this after moisturiser, before foundation it makes it go on smoother and gives it a more natural finish.

If you've never thought about a product like this I highly recommend giving it a whirl - it's only around £6 and has many great uses.


Friday, 19 April 2013

MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette

Ladies and gentlemen! Let me prepare you this wonderful, affordable find! If you're a lover of the Urban Decay Naked palettes but are a little worried to take them travelling with you then look no further than this MUA Undress Me Too palette! At £4 you'll be making no mistakes!

Swatches above are of the top row of shadows. The one on the far left doesn't show up on my skin as it's basically the same colour! Swatches below are of the bottom row of shadows.

I'm so impressed with this palette! I saw it on offer at my local Superdrug for £4, obviously I needed to buy it! The colours are great and work great for creating an everyday look as well as some more dramatic smokey looks! The pigmentation of majority of these eyeshadows are pretty good for the price. The matte shadows in the palette aren't as strongly pigmented but they're still great! The eyeshadows are also really soft and easy to blend, but on my oily eyelids I find it better to use a primer - but I have to use a primer even with MAC eyeshadows so it's not really a worry of mine!

I'm always scared when my Naked palettes are in my bag, as with the price of them I'm so worried that some of the eyeshadows might smash. This however, I'm not so worried about.. at £4 I'm not really that fussed if I have to replace it! MUA isn't really a brand I've explored but I am more than excited to try out some of their other products! Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Botanics Iconic Clay Mask - Shine Away

For starters.. I was going to insert a picture of me wearing this mask but after realising I looked like a complete idiot I decided not too haha! However, despite looking like a fool when wearing this it does do a rather good job. It's a clay mask so it applies wet and then sets quite hard on the face.. meaning you have to refrain from laughing or it'll crack! 

I use this once a week and apply it to clean, cleansed skin. Despite all the products in the world, after a week of college and being out and about I find my pores to be a little clogged and generally just in need of a little TLC.  This mask does a good job and drawing the dirt of my skin and leaving it feeling very refreshed and replenished. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes so its a great one to use before bed. I wash it off with warm water and a muslin cloth and then once it's all off I like to splash my face with some cool water. 

I find it does a really good job and I really like it and it's relatively cheap price tag! I picked this up when I was passing my local Boots and I'm super pleased I did! Have you got any recommendations for other masks I should try?


Sunday, 14 April 2013

MAC Well Dressed Blush

Is it possible to be in love with a blush? I don't know either but I do know that I'm seriously addicted to this! MACs Well Dressed blush is absolutely amazing!

This is a powder blush which when I first saw I thought - oh no, its far too pale.. BUT when you put it on it looks so pretty! I think it goes on the skin a little darker than it looks, but I'm also very pale so that probably helps too! I think it looks kind of natural when its applied, its subtle but still noticeable. Its a satin finish and I'm going to be honest, I don't really know what that means! I'm not down with all the finishes MAC provide! To me its mostly matte with a tiny bit of shimmer thats hardly visible. I think this blush is super pigmented, so even though its quite a pale colour theres still the chance that you might put too much on!

For this being my first MAC blush I'm really impressed! If you have any suggestions for other MAC blushes I might like then please let me know!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Whats in my Inglot Palette (so far!)

My Inglot palette is actually a blush palette! It's supposed to hold 4 of their blushers but the girl working in the shop kindly told me that 2 eyeshadows fit perfectly in one of the blush slots!

Just as a heads up the palette is magnetic, not the items you put in it.

I was going to take each thing out but it was proving rather difficult! I'll start from the left.. 

The matte white eyeshadow is number 318, which i like to use under my brow bone and and in the inner corners of my eyes (I'm pale so I get away with it!). This eyeshadow is super soft and incredibly pigmented.

The two silver eyeshadows are number 447 and 444 (I don't know which is which sorry!). One is a true light silver and the other is a dark graphite colour. I know these are both a pearl finish. I find them super shimmery, pigmented, really soft and incredibly easy to blend!

The blush is number 37, which I don't think has a finish but its very, very sparkley and I tend to wear this on the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighting blush rather than just a regular blush as it's a bit too shimmery for that! It's also very soft and pigmented but I find you only need to tap the brush in it as its very soft and tends to have a lot of fallout is you're too heavy handed.

I love my Inglot palette and I tried to pick colours that I don't have at all. Thus being the silvery shades! I don't wear these all the time as they're a little bold for everyday but I do love when I use this palette! I find the blush very long lasting but I do need to use a primer under the shadows as they are very soft and tend to crease on me after an hour or so. 

If you've got anything from Inlgot that you think I should have in my palette please let me know in the comments below! And if anyone is wondering I have no successfully completed the Beauty Buying Ban! Read about it here. I trip to Boots is required to celebrate I think!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MAC Patisserie Lipstick

 If you're familiar with the blogging world I'm sure you've seen the million posts about this lipstick! MAC's Patisserie to me is like the perfect nude (it's not really nude but its nude for me!) described by a lot of people as a "my lips but better" kind of colour.

MAC describe Patisserie as a "sheer creamy neutral pink" which I totally agree with! This lipstick is a Lustre finish meaning that it's super moisturising and not completely opaque. Despite being a little sheer it still has good pigmentation. I think this colour is a really nice peachy-pink colour and as most describe it, I think it's like a better version of my lips! It just looks like a more flawless version of my lips. It also has the tiniest amount of gold shimmer in it which makes your lips look a little glossy too. 
Personally I love the Lustre finish as I find it nice and moisturising, and I feel you can apply them without a mirror. 

This is definitely my new everyday lip colour! I love it so much! To me its like a nude as I refuse to wear anything which pales my lips out - I'm pale enough as it is haha! 


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Versitile Blogger Award!

The wonderful Eimear from Labels and Lipsticks nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much! I've never heard of this award before but it sounds exciting!

The rules are as follows:
 - Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
- Select fifteen new blog/bloggers you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
- Nominate those bloggers for a VBA, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.
- Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about you.
7 Facts About Me!

1. I used to be addicted to dying my hair, at one point my hair was even blonde! It's also been a lot of bright colours including pink, purple and red! I don't advise this.. my hair still suffers the damage today.

2. I only used to own a mascara, eyeliner and foundation until around this time last year when I heavily discovered the world of beauty and became a little bit obsessed!

3. Originally when I decided to create a blog I thought I was going to make an art blog as art is something I both and enjoy and feel inspired by - this was changed my mind and I'm so glad I did!

4. I'm currently a student studying graphic design - HND Visual Communication to be precise! - and I found that I enjoy this much more than drawing and painting, partly because it allows me to express my creativity though the use of technology - another thing I love.

5. I really don't watch a lot of TV, somehow I just don't find it that interesting. I'd much rather be doing something than sitting around. I do still have my favourite TV shows though!

6. I've recently discovered 3D needle felting and hope to post some tutorials on my blog when I get a little better at it!

7. I'm terrible at looking after my fingernails/cuticles.. My nails are really strong and grow quite quickly but I am so awful for biting the skin around my nails (too weird?) and thus chipping my nail varnish!

I'm nominating: (I know its supposed to be 15 but I picked my fans!)

Emmelene - B.E Sensitive

Monday, 8 April 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Lip Products - April 2013

I thought I would make a quick little post to share with you my favourite lip products of right now! These are generally the ones I've been wearing the most this year.

In no particular order the first one is the Revlon Lip Butter in the colour Peach Parfait - this is a gorgeous everyday colour. Its like a peachy-pink that kind of looks like a better version of my own lip colour. Its super moisturising and has a slight shimmer to it.

The second product is the Topshop Lip Glaze in the colour Antique - again this is a great one for everyday, its not too sticky and has a really nice vanilla scent. Its like a dusty pink colour but it isn't super opaque so you can apply it on the go without a mirror.

Thirdly is a MAC lipstick in the colour Plumful - this is a Lustre finish so it's not completely opaque and its very moisturising. I love plum type shades as I think they go quite well with my skin tone. This is probably my favourite lipstick that I own.

Fourth is the Rimmel Apocalips in the colour Celestial - I like to apply this and then blot it, then apply a lip balm over the top. I'm not super keen on having an  insanely strong lip colour. The colour of this is a really pretty pink colour, another one thats good for day to day wear. The Apocalips are also super pigmented and stain your lips a little so they last quite a while.

Finally is the Clinique Chubby Stick in the colour 06 Woppin Watermelon - I've had this for ages and you can probably tell from the photos that I've used quite a bit of it! I find the Chubby Sticks really moisturising and because the colour is quite sheer they are great to apply on the go.

Swatches above: Left to Right: Peach Parfait, Antique, Plumful, Celestial, Woppin Watermelon.

I hope you guys liked this post! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite lip products are!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Tangle Teaser

So lets not be judgemental here.. but I realised that I had owned the same hair brush for about 7 - 8 years. I know.. please don't be mean! You know sometimes you just don't notice something for so long and then one day you realise how bad it really is.. Thats what happened! Anyways, my previous hairbrush, which you will all be glad to know is now in the bin, was wooden and had metal bristles. When I realised I needed a new brush a hunted high and low for a brush with metal bristles but couldn't find one anywhere! I came to the realisation that my brush was so old that they don't even make brushes like that anymore! So I bought this: The Tangle Teaser.

Where has this been all my life!? It's amazing! I initially wanted a metal bristled brush as my hair is extremely thick and also very dry and damaged. I generally find that plastic bristles just bend and I can't get them through my wet hair, despite my best efforts! I've heard a lot of people are a fan of these Tangle Teasers so I picked one up in Boots as I finally decided I couldn't cope with the sorry state that was my current hairbrush for any longer.

This has impressed me! I didn't think it was going to be as good as everyone made out, but I really think it is. It glides through my hair: wet or dry without tugging and making my head hurt. I also find that it isn't pulling out so many hairs too as so far from using it there hasn't been any hair build up in the brush. It's a pretty funky shape and has a mixture of long and short bristles (plastic) which is what I think makes it work so well. At first it was a little weird to hold but I'm getting used to it, it fits really nicely in my hand which makes it nicer to use than a brush with a handle.

Overall I love this brush, it makes brushing and styling so much easier and I don't know what I'm going to do without it now!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Cute Way To Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

Anyone else grudge paying the £14 for a MAC empty eyeshadow palette? And if you want the insert it's even more! I have a solution that looks super, super cute!

This cute vintage plaster tin is something I picked up at a car boot sale for £2! Impressively cheap, and you can pick up little tins like this all over the place now - from ebay to charity shops. Generally they wont be more than £5 which is pretty good going considering the price MAC charges! A little tip is to make sure the tin is steel as steel is magnetic. Aluminium is not, therefore your eyeshadows wont stick to it! I bought these eyeshadows in the pan form (meaning they don't come in the little plastic container and they have a little magnet on the back), however, if you have eyeshadows in the ordinary form you can de-pot them - there are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to do this. After this you can glue on a thin magnet to the back and they can be popped in your cute, vintage, eyeshadow palette along with all the others! I hope this post gave some of you some some inspiration and hopefully it will save some of you a bit of money too! Personally I think it looks much cuter than the plain black! The two eyeshadows shown in the post are Naked Lunch and Omega if anyone was wondering.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint - Blueberry

A new discovery of mine, after hearing all the hype. How can a girl resist?!

First of all, excuse my awful cuticles! The cold weather really is a pain. Also I'm not the best at painting  my nails.. but oh well! Just look at the colour of this! This is in the colour Blueberry and it is absolutely gorgeous! I honestly don't think anything else will be on my nails all spring or summer! I'm actually really impressed with the formula of this nail polish too, it's super glossy which you can probably see in the photo but it also seems to be lasting super well on me too. Believe me, I am terrible for chipping my nails. Usually my nails only look nice for one or two days and then they chip all over the place - but this is a whole new story.. This is day four! Yes! Four! For me, this is super impressive. I also think the fact that it's so glossy makes it look almost like gel nails? I love this - can't wait to pick up more!

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